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Our beautifully presented products are designed to engage the curiosity of those in the later stages of Dementia. (To see our definitions of the stages of dementia please click here) Our designs are based on classic toys and activities, and adapted to evoke memories of early childhood, as those memories do tend to endure the test of time.

Timeless Presents gifts are also designed to help the interactions and connections between you. When you use one of our products together it becomes a tool, a focus for the time you spend together. It's important to keep the conversation lighthearted and fun while being aware of, and making allowances for, any cognitive decline.

At Timeless Presents we are respectful of the full lives that they have lived and our products are designed with love.


''What a wonderful idea and tool to have to help people with dementia for a conversation piece. Having had worked with people with dementia and a family member that had dementia I know that they would benefit from such a wonderful activity.'' CJ

What are

Our vision is inspired by personal experience, backed up by scientific research and driven by our passion to bring some light to the lives of all those living with dementia.

Our products are based on classic toy designs and use vintage styling to create a feeling of familiarity. These will be gifts you will love to give, and use together.

A Timeless Presents gift will help to empower and encourage self-expression for them and create moments of connection for you both.

For those in the later stages of dementia ‘’Play is not concerned with keeping people busy or improving their cognitive health, but rather with connecting emotionally to other people and having the freedom to express oneself.’’
(Aagje Swinnen, PhD & Kate de Medeiros, PhD, The Gerontologist 2017) *

For further Academic information and reading please click the link below

What is Paying it Forward?

If you love what we do and would just like to contribute, you

can use our donation link. Any amount will make a

meaningful impact.


All donations will be used to provide our products  to care homes, day centre's and other organisations dedicated to assisting individuals with dementia. 

If you wish to make a donation in memory of someone, we'd be honoured to include a note on your behalf. Kindly send us a message with the details you're comfortable sharing.

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About Us


The Timeless Presents dementia journey started one spring afternoon.

My Dad had Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of Dementia. One day, we were in the car together, I was driving when he suddenly exclaimed ‘Oh! Look at the flowers on the trees!’ He had forgotten that trees blossom in the spring and had been moved by the unexpected display all along the road. It could have been a moment of sadness for me but I saw them through his eyes, as though for the first time, and shared his wonder. Reflecting on this moment in subsequent days I made a decision, that I would take the journey with him, that perhaps there might be other moments of joy on the way.


Over time his vocabulary decreased, and the number of things he had to say diminished, but he didn’t lose the desire to communicate. As he progressed into the later stages he moved to a care home. Communication became harder and visits didn’t offer much joy. We had been told that memories were generally lost in reverse order, that the newest memories were the first to be lost but the earliest ones would remain longest. We recognised that familiar activities from his childhood might engage him, so we tried again to look at the world through his eyes. We looked for activities that would be instinctively familiar from childhood, that would require little or no explaining and bought him presents based on this idea. This part of our journey inspired many more moments of fun, connection and love. With Timeless Presents we want to share the things we learnt. It's our sincere hope that with these gifts you too can find moments of shared joy with those people in your life who have dementia. 

Sharon & Chris Daltrey

PS. We are committed to donating part of our profits to charities searching for a cure for different dementia's.

Sharon and Chris Daltrey sitting with her Dad in the garden of his care home. They all look very happy.

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