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Designed with connection in mind

Our activities are engineered to empower individuals facing various cognitive and sensory challenges, fostering meaningful connections and enhancing quality of life.

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Enhancing lives through connection and engagement

Timeless Presents gifts are designed to help the interactions and connections between you and your loved ones. When you use one of our products together it becomes a tool, a focus for the time you spend together.

"Play is not concerned with keeping people busy or improving their cognitive health, but rather with connecting emotionally to other people and having the freedom to express oneself."

Aagje Swinnen, PhD & Kate de Medeiros, PhD, The Gerontologist 2017) 

For further Academic information and reading please click the link below

Why we do what we do

We are first and foremost a Social Enterprise, 10% of the profit from each sale is donated to dementia research. Our vision is inspired by personal experience, backed up by scientific research and driven by our passion to bring light to the lives of all those living with dementia. Our products are based on classic toy designs and use vintage styling to create a feeling of familiarity. These will be gifts you will love to give, and use together.

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How activities enhance lives with dementia 

In the later stages of dementia people experience short-term memory loss and you may wonder if engaging them in activities is worthwhile, since they may not remember later. Current scientific understanding suggests that, like the general population, the positive feelings and sense of accomplishment during an activity can last beyond the activity itself.

''What a wonderful idea and tool to have to help people with dementia for a conversation piece. Having had worked with people with dementia and a family member that had dementia I know that they would benefit from such a wonderful activity.''

CJ, customer

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