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We know from personal experience that dealing with dementia can be challenging. Describing the stages isn't always easy because the changes aren't always clear-cut and each person's experience is different. At Timeless Presents, we rely on our own understanding of these stages. Our main focus is creating activities that boost mood, trigger memories, and promote well-being in the later stages. We've shared some simple thoughts below to help you determine what stage your loved one is at so you can buy them appropriate gifts and activities.

Early stage - forgetting things that have happened recently, with occasional confusion but mostly retaining self-awareness of having dementia.

But can  - do many tasks and activities as before, possibly make new memories with repetition.

Mid stage - gradually losing awareness of their dementia, but are still socially aware, creates ‘conversational loops’ to engage socially, tendency to blend memories with fantasy and/or get memories confused.

But can  - be focused on a memory or person or conversation, sometimes recall something accurately, engage in solo activities.


Later mid stage – number of available conversational loops starts to diminish, they might become more receptive to suggestion as their initiative diminishes.

But can  - find enjoyment in group activities, express preferences, enjoy socially active environments.


Late stage – conversational loops can continue to diminish as they will become less verbal, limited ability to initiate activity or express want/need.

But can  - be intrigued, have emotions, surprise use of muscle memory, enjoy activities when encouraged by someone else.

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