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Premium Adult Colouring Book for Dementia, Neurodiversity (Pencils not included)

Premium Adult Colouring Book for Dementia, Neurodiversity (Pencils not included)

VAT Included

An ideal gift, our beautiful A4, landscape Premium Colouring Book comes with a luxurious glossy cover with 2 stunning images that will look lovely in any home, wherever it lives, resembling a coffee table magazine it lends dignity and interest. Designed and printed with care in the UK, this coloring book is more than just a pastime—it's a catalyst for meaningful connections and moments of joy.


Accredited 1b (Silver Equivalent) by Dementia Services Design Centre at Stirling University


  • Recommended for mid stage, later mid stage and late stage dementia.
  • One cover has delightful roses and the other a splendid vintage camera. Each is printed with the spine to the left, so there's no wrong way to open it.
  • It comes with 28 images over 56 pages, which are printed on quality paper, enough to keep any avid colouring fan engaged for some time.
  • We've chosen one image per page to help with concentration. This also avoids problems with colour bleeding through if felt tip pens are used, as many elderly people benefit from using them if their grip is weak.  
  • Half of the images are in the same orientation as one cover and half are in the same orientation as the other one, so when you get to the middle you just flip the book to carry on.
  • All of the images have been specially designed to evoke familiarity and encourage conversation and engagement. 
  • Designed and printed in the UK.


Simple hints and tips for using a Timeless Presents product:


Do - commit to participating in this activity, the aim is to spend time engaging with each other.

Do - communicate on an adult level while offering praise and encouragement.

Avoid - questions that start ‘Do you remember’. Try ‘Do you like...’ instead.

If possible - let them lead, there’s no ‘wrong way’ to explore, so avoid directions and criticism.

Do - have fun!


Personal story!

When trying out colouring books with my Dad, we were pleasantly surprised at how enthusiastically he took to it, intuitively knowing what to do. It became one of his favourite activities. Even when in his advanced stage he found it absorbing and it seemed to lift his mood. 

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