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Simple Jigsaw Puzzle - Activity/Gift for Dementia & Neurodiversity

Simple Jigsaw Puzzle - Activity/Gift for Dementia & Neurodiversity

VAT Included

This beautifully designed picture puzzle is a high quality gift you'll be happy to give. You can almost hear the seagulls and smell the sea! This sturdy wooden puzzle is hardwearing and durable and is perfect for stimulating interactions with those in the later stages of dementia again and again. It’s a timeless scene that recalls the classic British seaside. Traditional jigsaw puzzles can become difficult in the later stages and our puzzle has been designed to help overcome some of the main issues. 


Accredited 1b (Silver Equivalent) by Dementia Services Design Centre at Stirling University


  • Recommended for later mid stage and late stage.
  • The pieces have straight edges, so each image can be viewed and handled more easily.
  • The straight edge design of the pieces mean that correct orientation isn't always essential.
  • The puzzle can be used as a focus for conversation, most pieces have a recognisable image on.
  • The pieces sit neatly in a wooden tray which also has the picture printed on the base to help with matching and assembly.
  • The tray is a colourful focus which can help as a person’s field of vision can diminish, particularly with dementia.
  • The vibrant and clear colours offer contrast and zoning, and together with the elements featured on each piece, which can help with completing the puzzle.
  • The way the person with dementia chooses to use the puzzle, as building blocks for example, is equally valid and will also foster a sense of achievement.
  • Minimal use of very dark colours as these can be interpreted as a void or a hole which can be confusing.
  • Visually interpreting depth can also be a problem so our design deliberately minimises the impression of depth to help.
  • This puzzle aims to offer an opportunity for self-expression and engagement that you both can enjoy.
  • Puzzle is produced from sustainable wood and is fully recyclable.


Simple hints and tips for using a Timeless Presents product:


Do - commit to participating in this activity, the aim is to spend time engaging with each other.

Do - communicate on an adult level while offering praise and encouragement.

Avoid - questions that start ‘Do you remember’. Try ‘Do you like...’ instead.

If possible - let them lead, there’s no ‘wrong way’ to explore, so avoid directions and criticism.

Do - have fun!


Personal note!

This is a custom designed product based on what we learned when exploring different ideas with my own Dad during his advanced dementia. Coupled with knowledge from current research we've created a puzzle that we're sure he would have enjoyed if it had been available then.

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