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  • Sharon Daltrey

We choose positivity for those with dementia.

I’ve thought long and hard about writing this blog since The Alzheimer’s Society dropped their ‘The Long Goodbye’ ad. If you haven’t seen it already I would advise caution before you view it, if you choose to view it.


As a daughter who has lost a dad to dementia I found it profoundly triggering and I have been struggling ever since to process the experience of watching it. The thing is, I don’t agree that dementia is a ‘Long Goodbye’ with many ‘deaths’ along the way and it’s sad that this concept is being broadcast by a charity that supports people with dementia.


Dementia is no more a death sentence than terminal cancer is and I believe it should be viewed in the same way. Cancer was once a taboo subject too, only spoken about in hushed tones with dread and the inevitability that there was no hope. But things are vastly different now for those experiencing a terminal cancer diagnosis. They make bucket lists, raise money, visit far flung places and live their best life while they can in the way they choose. They have parties, celebrate life events and spend time making memories with their loved ones. At Timeless Presents we believe that a dementia diagnosis should be no different. There is opportunity to seize the time left, sometimes many years, and experience life to the best of their ability. The crucial difference lies in who determines the approach taken, for the most part those with cancer remain cognitively unaffected and can elect to deal with this time however they wish. Those with dementia however are cognitively compromised, and as such they reply on the people around them, their family and carers, who must determine the approach taken. Where the messaging from charities is so gloomy and doom-laden the general public would be forgiven for thinking that there is no life left to be lived, and those that choose to accept this as truth never realise what they’re missing.


Let’s be clear, dementia is never a welcome visitor, it brings many problems and much heartache but so does cancer. Choosing to take a positive approach, extracting the maximum experience and connection possible from every life affected by dementia should be our goal. We at Timeless Presents choose the positive approach. Inspired by personal experience we specialise in designing appealing, user-friendly and affordable activities that foster connection and engagement for those individuals in late-stage dementia.


We choose positivity.

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